Converting CO2 to Electrofuels to become a reality


The use of spectroscopy to show the conversion of C02 through the use electrolyte interface is amongst key developments in the field of energy sciences. A research conducted by Columbia engineers shifted away from the trail-abd-error methods to find better and sustained ways of producing renewable. The conversion of carbon dioxide into electrofuels or chemicals has been a key concern of scientists across the globe, and the new study would help them in accomplishing that. In the year 1869, electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 into formic acid was accomplished, and now after 150 years, the research in this domain has taken the next step wherein CO2 would produce energy in the form of electrofuels.

150 Years of Research

Over the past decade, the levels of C02 in the atmosphere have risen by leaps and bounds. However, the conversion of CO2 through the use of renewable energy is a matter of question because solar and wind energy is inconsistent according to seasons and regions. To counter this, the new research has found ways of viably using CO2 to synthesise fuels and chemicals while also creating a channel of renewable electricity. However, certain challenges with regards to pathway of electrolytes could still hinder the accelerated growth of CO2-based conversions.

Future Research

CO2 electroreduction is conventionally understood as a process that involves two intermediates, but the researchers showed that only a single intermediate is required for this process. This is the first step in decoding the process of CO2-based conversions and is projected to open new avenues for sustained growth.

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