Converting Palm-Oil Waste into Renewable Energy

Palm-Oil Waste

Palm Oil is an important ingredient in various foods and beverages, and the manufacture of palm oil is a herculean process. The wastes generated during the production of palm oil place  a negative toll on the surrounding, thus, making it necessary to find environment-friendly ways of manufacturing the oil. Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME), the waste water discharged during the synthesis of palm oil deteriorates the vicinity and pollutes the environment. Furthermore, kernels, husks, and discarded branches are other kinds of Palm-Oil Waste that is generated during palm oil production. A team of engineers at the University of Nottingham Malaysia have forged a way to convert palm oil waste into renewable energy while also reducing the emission of CO2 during the process.

New System for Palm Oil Production

Malaysia has a pool of over 400 mills for palm oil and the country is the second largest producer of the oil. The engineers have set up an “Integrated Waste Recovery and Regeneration System (REGEN)” that converts Palm-Oil Waste and other solid wastes into bio-energy and valuable building materials. The project lead expounded that the new system invented by his team would generate zero-waste during the entire process of synthesis. Moreover, the team of engineers believes that the issue of sustainability during pal oil production can be resolve with their pilot plant.

Suggested Uses of Wastes

The leaders of the engineering experiment believe that the palm oil trunks, branches, and fronds can be converted into fibers for pallets, matting, and briquettes. Moreover, nutrient-rich fertilizers for healthier soil can also be synthesized from the palm debris.

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