Cool Roofs Market Current Trends And Future Aspect Analysis 2025

Global Cool Roofs Market: Overview

Cool Roofs Market are made up of highly reflective sheets, paints, or shingles. Cool Roofs Market are designed to absorb less heat and reflect more sun light.  Cool roofs can lower the temperature of a building by absorbing less heat. Thus, they help building owners to save money by lowering energy bills.  Cool roofs also reduce the energy consumed by building. They also reduce local air temperatures and peak electricity demand. Cool Roofs Market, in turn, lowers power plant emissions, thereby benefiting the environment.

The global cool roofs market can be segmented based on roof type, coating type, end-use, and region. In terms of roof type, the cool roofs market can be classified into low sloped roofs, steep sloped roofs, and low and steep sloped roofs. Low sloped cool roofs can be sub-segmented into single-ply membranes, built-up roofs, modified bitumen sheet membrane, and spray polyurethane foam. Single-ply membranes are sheets coated with black membrane and are attached with mechanical fasteners. Built-up cool roofs consist of layers of coated asphalt and are covered with a capsheet. Modified bitumen sheet membrane have layers of rubber or plastic and a reinforcing material. Spray polyurethane foam is manufactured by mixing two liquid chemicals to form one solid piece. This foam sticks to the roof. Step sloped roofs can be sub-segmented into shingle roofs and tile. Shingle roofs comprise panels made from a variety of materials such as asphalt, fiberglass, polymers, wood, and metals. Shingle roofs use specialty coated granules for solar reflectance. Tile roofs can be made of concrete, slate, or clay. These tiles are surface treated for solar reflectance. Low and steep slope roofs use metals with natural metallic finishes and are coated with cool reflective painting. Uncoated metal roofs have less efficiency toward thermal emission. The low sloped roofs segment held major share of the Cool Roofs Market due to its wide application in individual and commercial buildings.

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In terms of coating type, the cool roofs market can be segregated into acrylic roof coatings, polyurethane roof coatings, and silicone roof coatings. Acrylic roof coatings are water based and are suitable for any climatic conditions. They offer high UV resistance, and are high reflective and easy to work with. Polyurethane roof coatings have high impact resistance. They can be sub-segmented into aromatic and aliphatic. Silicone roof coatings have no erosion and do not get brittle or hard. They are moisture cured and can eliminate the need for a primer. The acrylic roof coatings segment holds major share in terms of volume and value owing to its cost effectiveness and high performance.

In terms of end-use, the cool roofs market can be classified into residential cool roofs, commercial cool roofs, and industrial cool roofs. The residential segment holds the major Cool Roofs Market share due to the rapid increase in the number of residential homes.

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Key players operating in the global cool roofs market are ATAS International, AkzoNobel, Huntsman Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, PPG Industries, DERBIGUM Performance Roof Systems, Carlisle SynTec, Versico, and Ensia.

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