Corrugated Paperboard IBCs – An Efficient Alternative to Conventional Intermediate Bulk Containers


Intermediate Bulk Containers are useful for transporting heavy goods. However, often, companies look for alternative solutions, which are more economical, safe, and are ecologically more compatible. A corrugated paperboard IBC is an efficient alternative to conventional Intermediate Bulk Containers. Corrugated paperboard IBCs are widely used to transport liquid food and non-hazardous liquid chemicals. Corrugated paperboard IBCs enjoy high preference among logistics service providers as an alternative and affordable solution. The global corrugated paperboard IBCs market is expected to have a positive outlook over the forecast period, due to their economical pricing as compared to alternative solutions, and higher efficiency in saving storage space.

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Moreover, corrugated paperboard IBCs are more environment friendly than traditional Intermediate Bulk Containers. Conventional methods of transporting bulk liquid using steel and plastic drums are considered hectic and pose serious challenges to the environment. Due to all these factors, the global corrugated paperboard IBCs market growth is expected to remain largely positive, during the forecast period.

Global trade has undergone rapid transformation in the last decade. Corrugated paperboard IBCs are used to transport a wide range of non-hazardous chemicals such as, adhesives, cleaners, emulsions, latex, and shampoo, among others. The global liquid transportation market has faced substantial demand in the past few years, and is supported by growing trade between countries. In addition to non-hazardous chemicals, corrugated paperboard IBCs are also used to transport food products, such as, soy sauce, juice concentrates, buttermilk, milk products, and sweeteners, among others. Since corrugated paperboard IBCs widely cater to the food & beverage industry, personal care & cosmetics industry, a strong demand for products such as shampoos and food products is anticipated to be a key driver for the growth of the global corrugated paperboard IBCs market.

The need for sustainable packaging solutions is expected to play a significant role in fuelling the growth of the global corrugated paperboard IBCs market. Despite the positive outlook, there are certain factors, which might hamper the growth of the global corrugated paperboard IBCs market. These include the rise of alternative packaging solutions such as Octabins.

The North America region is expected to lead the global corrugated paperboard IBCs sales, owing to a much higher volume to sea trade than other regions. The Western Europe region is expected to closely follow, in terms of volume. The Asia Pacific region is anticipated to provide significant opportunities for the growth of the global corrugated paperboard IBCs. Emerging economies such as India and China have witnessed government efforts in recent years, which aim to essentially increase their trade volume, several folds. The Asia Pacific corrugated paperboard IBCs market is expected to surpass its North American counterpart, during the early 2020s. The Latin America and Eastern Europe corrugated paperboard IBCs markets are expected to witness sluggish growth during the next five years, due to the still prevalent effects of the recession of 2015, after which, the pace of growth might pick up.

Few of the key players operating in the global corrugated paperboard market are – Bulk Handling Australia, BlackVel, Karions Ltd, Qingdao LAF Packaging Co., Ltd., and BARR Plastics, Inc., among others.

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