Custom-Fit Bone Implants Developed by Fraunhofer Insitute

Bone Implants

Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films researchers have developed a novel bone implants. The implant is designed to fit precisely, and have variable dimensions and improved stability. A special type of polymer is a key ingredient for creating the bone implants.

The uses of a plasma jet for applying a layer of cell-growth promoters to the bone implants. Individual layers coated with a cold plasma are further treated on the interior of the implants as well. Amino groups at the surface bond with the bone cells. The technique is a win-win situation as it needs no chemical pretreatment. It requires no solvent, making it an environment friendly and cost effective at the same time.

Further Enhancement to technique Being Explored

A scaffold made out of a special co-polymer is used, around which the implant is built around. The polymer is molded around the natural bone in a way that it fits the structure snugly. This enables a customized and precise fit, improving stability of the bone implant.

The bone implant is further enhanced by addition of antibiotics. This can be implemented to reduce the risk of infection. The active ingredients can be added as a filler in the bone implant. The researchers are exploring this avenue. The team is working on further modification of this technique to enable large scale application. Currently, the set-up is successful on a laboratory scale. 

The highly potential technique is expected to see lucrative opportunity in cancer treatment and severe fractures.

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