Dairy Free Yogurts Market Insights and Analysis for Period 2017 – 2025


Dairy free yogurts market is driven by increasing benefits from its nutrient rich contents. Their nutrient content may change with the type of the milk used for its production like consumers need to be aware before using coconut yogurt that it is lower in protein and higher in fat, so these should be consumed accordingly. There are few dairy free yogurts available which do offer probiotic benefits that are equivalent to dairy based yogurt.

Usage of dairy free yogurt in-turn has a significant impact on the growth of the dairy based industry, as it involves dairy free milk for its production and so dairy based milk market gets affected. Similar to dairy free milk, dairy free yogurt also faces the same challenges, such as consumers become perplexed while choosing dairy free yogurt or dairy based yogurt, but health awareness or medical issues such as allergies from dairy products or lactose intolerance may lead them to choose dairy free yogurt as a prior option.

The regional segment for the market of dairy free yogurt market is segmented into seven different regions: Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, APEJ, Middle East & Africa and Japan. Being an emerging market, Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness a high market growth during the forecast period because of the high rate of urbanization and consumers awareness about health. Currently, there is a high demand for dairy free yogurt in North America and Western Europe region because of high nutritional and health benefits that customers may experience while using dairy free yogurts.

There is a lot of variety of dairy free yogurts being produced by manufacturers. Few of the players of dairy free yogurt are Vitasoy, Alpro UK Ltd, Granarolo Group, DREAM, Anita’s, Yoplait USA, Inc., Daiya Foods Inc.

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