Data Center Equipment Market – Growth Forecast Analysis by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications to 2020


Increased use of cloud services, Big Data, and virtualization in the overall network ecosystem is driving growth of the data center equipment market. Additionally, increasing need for accessing and storing large volume of data is boosting the demand for data center equipment. However, due to the high energy requirement of data center equipment, effective power and cooling infrastructural facility is needed to support the equipment.

As such, meeting governmental compliances and environmental orders regarding data center cooling systems remains the biggest challenge for most organizations.Data center equipment is widely used across several end-use industries, due to proliferation of digital data and for further effective data management to extract strategic information. Some of the end-use sectors of data equipment include telecommunications, manufacturing, government, healthcare, retail, and business enterprises, among others.

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Of all the industry sectors, the telecommunications sector had the highest revenue contribution in the data center equipment market in 2013. This is mainly due to unparalleled online presence and consequent growth in internet-enabled services. Such services have led to the exchange of large amounts of data over the web, which has led to demand for tools that can deliver data integrity, safety, and high standards at data centers.

North America is expected to be the largest market for data center equipment in the coming future. This is due to technological system advancements such as server virtualization, dependence on critical programs for business procedures, and e-discovery, combined with an exponential increase in data generation.

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