Deep Sleep can Calm down the Stressed Brain

Deep Sleep

Researchers have made a discovery that to reset and calm the stressed brain is to get deep sleep. Alternately, the state is termed non-rapid eye movement (NREM) slow –wave sleep. It refers to a physical state of high synchronization of neural oscillations. This results drop in blood pressure and heart beat rate.

 Macbeth once aptly said sleep is the “balm of hurt minds”. It plays a significant role in the management of disorders related to anxieties. A full night of sleep makes a stabilization of emotions, and a sleepless night shoots up anxiety level by 30%. This is according to a new study conducted by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley.

 Deep Sleep Could Act as an Anxiety Inhibitor if one Gets it Each and Every Night

Matthew Walker is a senior author of the study and is also a professor of psychology and neuroscience, University of California, Berkeley. Professor Walker states that they have discovered a new function of deep sleep, which is its capability to reduce anxiety overnight by resetting the brain. He further adds that deep sleep could also be a natural anxiety inhibitor, if one gets deep sleep every night.

 The findings of this study offer one of the most powerful links between anxiety and sleep till now. The researchers also point to the fact that sleep as a non-pharmaceutical, natural solution for some disorders. It has been identified in around 40 million adults living in America. It is increasing among teens and children.

 Lead author Eti Ben Simon suggests that insufficient sleep is capable of increasing one’s level of anxiety manifolds and deep sleep helps in the reduction of such stress. Eti Ben Simon is presently a postdoctoral fellow at Center for Human Sleep Science, University of California, Berkeley.

The findings of the study published on Nature Human Behaviour, a scientific journal covering all facets of human behavior.

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