Defunct Nuclear Plant Becomes Site for Solar Farm

Defunct Nuclear Plant Becomes Site for Solar Farm

A nuclear plant that was half finished in construction and now abandoned is now the site of a fresh start in renewables. Birdseye Renewable Energy had recently acquired the location and has now initiated its own project to start a solar power plant at the same place. The company has partnered up with United Renewable Energy to plan and build the solar power plant. The plant is expected to supply a huge chunk of power to the Hawkins County.

The Abandoned Plant

The Phipps Bend Nuclear Plant was kicked off into its construction phase in 1978. The plant in Tennessee was proposed to supply power to its surrounding Tennessee Valley Authority, thereby imparting a faster pace of economic advancement. However, after a few years into the project the overall demand for energy as well as the cost of energy were dropping significantly. At the same time, concerns over nuclear plant failure were very high after the Three Mile Island meltdown, after which a lot of citizens started raising their voices against the use of nuclear power so close to home. By 1981, the plant’s construction was stopped and was left abandoned till now.

One Man’s Trash…

Nearly 3,000 solar panels currently reside in the four acres of land just on the periphery of the abandoned nuclear power plant, which is currently just a husk of the initially gargantuan effort. The energy being currently collected is sold to Holston Electric, as a part of an agreement struck in the Distributed Solar Solutions Program by TVA.

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