Dementia Patients Get a Taste of Thrive Dining

Dementia Patients Get a Taste of Thrive Dining

It can be very difficult and at times frustrating to help patients suffering from dementia to eat regularly. The difficulty they face while consuming regular food makes them lose weight and even their appetites over time. This is a big issue that a lot of facilities are facing, trying to get their patients to eat, chew, and swallow foods.

Many facilities end up resorting to feeding their patients easy to eat foods such as pureed versions of regular food, or smaller portions of food that can be picked up, but the overall lack of nutrition that the patients receive is still not being resolved through this.

Enter the Watermark facility from Logan Square with their recently showcased healthy finger foods made especially for dementia patients. They are calling is Thrive Dining and the menu is being created and developed by two senior chefs from Watermark, who have worked across the institute’s 39 senior citizen communities within 20 states.

The culinary team recently showcased their food, which includes balls of ingredients from the chef’s salad, crepes holding cheesesteak, puff pastries that contain tilapias, pasta wedges, and beef-based Wellington cupcakes. The overall aim is to provide a tastier and better dining experience to their patients in order to allow them to eat easier, healthier, and better. They also added that food items can be wrapped into rice paper rolls, or even given the shape of an empanada. A large part of the foods contain potato starch which is being used as a binder.

The food preparations are also claimed to be based on the increasingly researched theory that tastier foods can help patients heal their memories over time.

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