Development of Procedures that Harness Energy from Electric Currents

Energy from Electric Currents

Researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) have recently forged a way to harness the energy Energy from Electric Currents that could be used for several purposes. Energy deficits have been a major matter of concern, and utilizing the strength of marine currents to produce energy has been on the minds of several researchers for a long time. The new research suggests that the marine areas with over 40 meters of depths contain 80% of the energy from tides which could be harnessed to generate electricity. Since the procedure requires significant investment, the researchers developed a method to calculate the life-cycle cost of energy parks that harness the energy of marine currents.

New System for Utilizing Marine Currents

Researchers believe that the next development in the energy production domain after offshore wind power is the utilization of marine currents to produce energy. The new system is equipped with devices that can economically operate in obstructive areas of the seabed. A set of anchors and cables endowed with the devices assist in holding on to the seabed. A researcher from UPM asserted that their device called ‘GESMEY’ is the first of its kind to operate while completely submerged into the sea. The research team has made prolific efforts to ensure that the device is economically viable and technologically sound.

Research and Development Initiatives

The researchers revealed that they are continually working towards developing better systems and devices that can harness Energy from Electric Currents and the power of tides to generate energy. The usage of marine currents for energy holds tremendous significance for the entire domain of energy conservation.

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