Dicing Tapes Market Specifications, Analysis Forecast Upto 2028

Asia Pacific is estimated to be the largest market for dicing tapes accounting for over half of the global revenue and over 10% of CAGR followed by second largest North America region.  PO UV tapes segment holds the largest market in North America. The growing demand for semiconductors and minute components such as chips and IC’s has driven the dicing tapes market in Asia pacific region. The UV dicing tapes serve the global semiconductor and electronics market with many benefits one of which is the high resistance to temperature and pressure and the other is that these tapes can be recycled.

Manufacturing semiconductors requires automation efficiency and productivity and one of the production steps in this process is wafer dicing. Dicing tapes are basically designed to hold the semiconductor wafer during dicing process. This process separates the dies and also keeps the chips within tight tolerances regarding dimensions, edges, orientation and position. Dicing tapes are made of materials such as PVC, polyolefin, or poly-ethylene backing with an adhesive to hold the dies in place. Majorly there are two types of dicing tapes in the market, UV film sensitive tapes and silicone free adhesive plastic films.

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Silicone free adhesive films results in cleaner process and more consistent adhesive properties as the tape contains no silicone release agents. These films are made of PVC with a rubber base adhesive. As the global electronics and semiconductors market is growing the market of UV dicing tapes which are categorized in pressure sensitive adhesive tapes is expected to grow at a faster rates because of its certain properties such as strong adhesion and superior performance in high heat and pressure conditions. These tapes are used in wafer dicing, back grinding, PBC grinding and glass dicing applications.

Dicing tapes market: Dynamics

The global electronics and semiconductor industry is very vast and is expected to grow due to the demand of compact electronics components and semiconductors which reduces the size of electronic device or the appliance making it easy to handle, and transport. The market for polyolefin UV tapes is expected to grow in the coming years due to its high adhesive and high temperature and pressure bearable properties. As the global electronics and semiconductor market is growing it is paving the path for UV dicing tapes.

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