Discovery of ChemMaps to Help Researchers Navigate Chemical Universe


Team of researchers from the State University of North Carolina have developed a new online service named ChemMaps, which allows the users to interactively navigate the overall chemical space of around 8000 drugs and approximately 47,000 environmental compounds in 3D and real time. This new online service has been designed to be one of the central resource for researchers and students who want to visualize and further study complicated sets of the chemical structures.

The main purpose for ChemMaps was to make it available for Google Maps of Drugs, stated Denis Fourches, an assistance professor of chemistry at the NC State. In addition, it will also allow to make use of a computer or also a tablet to easily browse and further navigate the chemical space of the drugs in a 3D environment. They also wanted to make the graphics interface in ChemMaps that are relevant for a student or for a specialist in the medical chemistry.

With the ChemMaps, treh chemicals will appear like stars and will point of light that have been scattered across the screen. Each compound or star has been positioned in a relationship to the others that have been within the compound star. Several other key characteristics of that chemical have been displayed, including its brand name, systematic name, chemical structure, external indication, medical indication, and other physical chemical properties.

The researchers have planned to add several other features over the time and includes an ability for the collaborators and companies in order to visualize and project proprietary sets of chemicals into the ChemMaps. In addition to this, they have planned to make the maps that are even more interactive and easy to manipulate and compatible with the virtual reality devices.

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