Discovery of New Types of Reactions and Molecules through Chemist Robot

Chemist Robot

The use of artificial intelligence has spanned across several new and old sectors or industries. Along the same lines, scientists have also discovered ways of deploying artificial intelligence techniques to help in the discovery and synthesis of molecules and reactions. The researchers an chemists at the University of Glasgow have lately revealed their feat of training a Chemist Robot that uses artificial intelligence to discover various types of chemical reactions. The new robot is unique and the first of its kind because it helps in expanding the window of chemical reactions that can possibly be explored. The use of a data driven approach combined with digital technologies has played a key role in expanding the database of chemicals and going beyond the preset rules of organic chemistry.

Advantages Served by New Chemist Robot

The new chemist robot could be helpful in reducing the overall cost of discovering a new molecule that can in turn reduce the cost of manufacturing various drugs. Furthermore, several polymers, molecules, and other materials that are used across several end-use industries can also be easily synthesized with the help of the new technique. The lead researcher, Professor Lee Cronin, stated that the possibility of several new kinds of molecules, innovative applications, reduction in wastes, and safer procedures are some of the advantages that the new robot would fetch.

Future Research

The team of researchers behind the training of the robot are confident their research would open doors for digitization of chemistry. Furthermore, they also believe that chemical robots could easily be operated with the help of a digital code.

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