Don’t Just Restrict Calorie Intake, Refrain from Smelling!

Don’t Just Restrict Calorie Intake, Refrain from Smelling!

Eating less, so long as you do not starve is known to extend life in around 20 species of animals, the how this works part is still unclear. A new study has found that not just what you eat and how much you eat, that has an impact on your body, but also what you smell. Smelling food could influence the aging process!

Autophagy May Impact Lifespan

By making use of a worm called C. elegans, researchers have found that autophagy, which is a garbage disposal like proves where cells eat debris that they produce via basis metabolism along with food absorption through GI tract and food smell through olfactory neurons have an impact on the aging process. The study further reveals that autophagy is essential in a neuro-endocrine pathway, enabling sensory neurons and nutrient levels to work together and influence the lifespan. It also reduces the insulin growth factor.

Smell of Food Could Influence Brain and GI Tract

These new findings are helping to understand the human aging process and extend lifespan. This will also help in developing treatments for lifestyle diseases such as obesity. Kailiang Jia, the corresponding author of this study said that that they suspect the smell of the food does have an influence on the brain and the GI tract. Autophagy is one of the process is responsible for aging. Autophagy can be activated and enhanced when calorie intake is restricted.

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