Door Lock Sensors Market for Automotive- The Rising Concern In Society About Safety Features

Door lock sensor is installed in all doors of the vehicle, which ensure the locking of the doors once the vehicle is turned on. In case the doors are not locked, ECU transmits a warning signal on the dashboard to the driver or occupant. The door lock sensor is an additional safety feature provided in the latest models of the manufacturers in order to prevent unwanted accidents on the roads.

The door lock sensors market for automotive is anticipated to expand at a remarkable pace due to the rising concern in society about safety features. Demand for door lock sensors is rising due to its increasing penetration in the mid and lower end models as it was earlier provided in high-end vehicles only; however, it is a common feature currently, in all vehicle segments. The door lock sensors market for automotive can be hindered due to growing demand of automatic doors in the vehicles. Vehicle doors that have automatic door sensors lock completely by themselves, just by the push of the key and do not require any safety check, if the door is locked or not.

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The door lock sensor market for automotive can be segmented based on application, sales channel, vehicle, and region.

Based on application, side door is expected to be a major segment and is likely dominate the market during the forecast period. This is due to the higher number of side doors in vehicles, with each door requiring a separate door lock sensor. The side door segment is anticipated to expand during the forecast period due to the rise in production of passenger vehicles production and thereby, the higher number of doors in passenger vehicles.

Based on sales channel, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) segment is anticipated to lead the market due to very rare chances of the failure of sensors. Moreover, door lock sensors for automotive require replacement only in case of severe road accidents. The expansion of the aftermarket segment at a sluggish pace is due to increasing technological advancements and increasing awareness among the vehicle users to maintain the systems of the vehicle. Road accidents are decreasing globally, due to improved infrastructure and stringent road safety regulations, which consequently is hampering the aftermarket segment.

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The passenger vehicle segment is likely to hold a major share of the door lock sensor market for automotive among other vehicle segments owing to the higher production of the passenger vehicles globally. Mostly, door lock sensors are utilized in passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles only.

In terms of region, Asia Pacific holds a major share of the global market owing to the high production of vehicles in the region. The region is the leading manufacturer of automotive door lock sensors due to the concentration of manufacturing facilities in China, Japan and India. Availability of resources and high number of working population supported by continuous emphasis of the governing bodies toward industrialization in the region has developed it as the manufacturing hub for the automotive industry.

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