Drugs Used to Treat Breast Cancer Found to Be Effective for Lung Cancer Treatment As Well

Lung Cancer Treatment

Researchers from the Francis Crick Institute and the Institute of Cancer Research found a drug class for lung cancer treatment.  This research was conducted on mice where they found lung tumor shrunk considerably when a certain protein (p110α) was blocked. The lung tumor caused due to mutation of a gene known as EGFR. The research was published in Cell Reports. The results are profound, as a drugs class, which is used to treat some kind of breast cancers can now help in dealing with lung cancer treatment that became unaffected by targeted therapies

Researchers to Develop Second-Line Therapy

In the clinical trials, drug blocked p110α against breast cancer. Therefore, this drug can be approved for clinical use in the coming years. According to this study, these drugs can benefit patients with EGFR-mutant lung cancers where the tumors become unaffected by the treatment.

As of now, patients having EGFR-mutant lung cancer are prescribed targeted treatments. But these treatments are effective only for a few years, explains Professor Julian Downward and lead researcher of the study. He also added by saying, these drugs improve but after few years cancer becomes resistant to these drugs. It also grows and spread again in the patient. Currently, the second line of treatment is traditional chemotherapy, which is not targeted and has substantial side effects.

Therefore, this research would be interesting in finding that p110α inhibitors can be used in second-line therapy. Though this research is in its nascent stage, more research is required on mice before it is approved for clinical trials.


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