DuPont Awards for Packaging: Fritz, Froneri, Insignia, and PPi Win Big

DuPont Awards for Packaging: Fritz, Froneri, Insignia, and PPi Win Big

For almost three decades, DuPont, a leading name in the global packaging market, has been awarding the most innovative companies who demonstrate creativity in meeting the global issues as well as consumer need. In 2017, at the 29th DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation, Fritz Water Vest won the highest honor, the Diamond Award, while Forneri, Insignia Technologies, and PPi Technologies received the second most prestigious recognitions – the gold award. VP+C, Fuji・M・O Flexible Packaging, and GreenBlue won the silver awards.

This year, DuPont packaging awards winners includes innovators in the field of food storage, premium beauty products, and fermenting food products. An independent panel of experts analyzed 150 entries from innovators of 24 distinct countries, and emphasized on responsible packaging, technological advancements, and enhanced end-user experience.

An Innovation for Greater Good

Fritz Water Vest, a venture from Solutions, Inc. which won the gold award, has targeted underprivileged African countries, and their packaging innovation helps in carrying up to 20 pounds of water efficiently for long distances and steep inclines. Judges rated this as an out-of-the-box concept that is highly useful for developing regions wherein basic need such as water is a daily struggle. The vest is ergonomic, antimicrobial, and reusable. Fritz Water Vest is a non-profit company.

Gold Award Winners Showcased Significant Technological Advancements

All the three gold award winners at the 2017 DuPont Packaging Awards were hailed as the pioneers of next generation technology. While Froneri have innovated a cardboard ice cream cup that features a PP in-mold label including a spoon inside the closure and aluminum or PE sealing, PPi Technologies have introduced MosquitoPaQ, which allows consumers to mix dry and wet chemicals only at the time of use. Insignia Technologies, on the other hand, were a gold award winner for their Freshtag that can change color on the basis of pre-set duration of time and change in temperature. This helps consumers to instantly gauge the expiry-date of daily food products.

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