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A dust extraction system is a quality improvement system to capture dust and other pollutants and is used in industrial, commercial, and home production shops to enhance the quality of air. Small particles of dust which are created through the manufacturing process become airborne pollutants or combustible dust and they settle on surfaces and in crevices throughout the plant. Combustible dust disturbed by factors such as oxidants (usually oxygen in the air) or ignition source can cause dust explosion. A dust extraction system helps in elimination of combustible dust. Also, it helps to manage dispersion of dust within the plant by using an effective industrial ventilation system. The global dust extraction market is categorized into mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric, wet, automotive, construction and others on the basis of industry.

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The global dust extraction system market is expected to grow at a good rate during the forecast period. Increasing awareness of dust control products in the cement industry, increasing investments in civil structures, and smart manufacturing are some of the key factors driving the global dust extraction systems market. Dust in the pharmaceutical industry can raise various challenges including harmful effects on the workers. Apart from protecting workers, cross-contamination and dust reclamation are other factors boosting the sales of dust collectors in the pharmaceutical industry. The global dust extraction market has the highest share in Asia Pacific due to factors such as growing economic activity and rapid industrialization in emerging countries such as India and China. Demand for industrial dust extractors in industry is growing as the industrial sector is contributing the most to the economy which would enhance the growth of the market in the future. Key barriers which are restraining the growth of the global dust extraction system market are lack of funding, high maintenance costs, and use of advance technology in the manufacturing process.

The global industrial dust extraction market has been segmented on the basis of product type, filter cleaning, end-user, components, and geography. Based on product type, the global dust extraction systems market is classified into central dust collectors and mobile dust collectors. In terms of components, the market is segmented as blower, dust filter and others. The global dust extraction systems market is segmented on the basis of filter cleaning into offline cleaning, online cleaning, on-demand cleaning, and reverse-jet cleaning. The market has been segmented on the basis of end user into power industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, construction industry, textile industry and others. The dust extraction system market is divided into Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and South America based on geography. The global dust extraction market has the highest share in Asia Pacific. In Europe, use of advanced technologies in the manufacturing process results in limiting dust emission. To reduce dust emission, AECC, an international non-profit scientific association of European companies is engaged in developing filter based technologies.

Some of the key players in the global dust extraction system market include New Waste Concepts, Inc., DELTA NEU, Envirosystems Manufacturing, LLC., Martin Engineering, CLARCOR Industrial Air, Ruwac, Camfil APC., Dustcontrol Canada Inc., National Environmental Service Company, Dust Control Systems Ltd, C&W Manufacturing and Dust Solutions, Inc. Key players in the market focus on developing new technologies in emerging economies. To improve the quality of air, key players are finding large applications in various industries and are focusing on maximizing the efficiency of the dust extraction system. These systems include compressed air system, dust collector filter and others. Different industrial sectors prefer dust control products that are safe and eco-friendly, as dust extractors are used in areas with high levels of human activity.

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