Easy Fold Mailers Market – Convenient Packaging Solution to be Mailed in Protective and Organized Manner


The global fine art and luxury market is expected to generate demand for innovative packaging solution that are incorporated with advanced design technology. The design and functionality of fine art and luxury packaging plays a vital role in protection, storage and shipping of valuable fine art and luxury products. Easy fold mailers are effective packaging solutions consumed largely for shipping and protection of valuable fine art and luxury products. Easy fold mailers are convenient packaging solution for fine art and luxury products to be mailed in protective and organized manner.

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The convenience offered by easy folded mailers has resulted into wide application of easy folded mailers for uses such as packaging of fine art and luxury paintings, consumer goods, documentation, etc. Apart from fine art and luxury products, easy folded mailers are increasingly being used for secondary and tertiary packaging of products such as confectionery foods, tobacco and other fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). The growing scope of online platform has fuelled the supply capabilities of easy fold mailers. Easy fold mailer boxes are primarily made of corrugated boards. Single wall corrugated box dominates the global market of easy fold mailers. Corrugated board easy fold mailer boxes are widely used for packaging of fine art and luxury products. The strength and design functionalities of corrugated board provide effective functional properties to easy fold mailer boxes made of corrugated board.

The global easy fold mailers market is expected to witness high growth rate for the corrugated board segment. Increase in investment by paperboard manufacturers and supply of cost effective and high quality raw material is expected to support the demand for easy fold mailers market.

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