Electric Oral Care Products Market : Overview of key Market Forces Propelling and Restraining Market Growth

Electric oral care products are used to maintain oral hygiene. Most of the electric oral care products use battery to store electricity.They possess advanced functionality as compared to their traditional counterparts; for example, electric toothbrushes alert the user if the user is applying too much pressure on the teeth. The traditional non-electric toothbrushes do not have this feature.

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The oral care market includes a wide range of treatment and products that are designed to enhance oral hygiene and deliver dental care. Rise in awareness regarding oral hygiene is leading to a shift from traditional products to innovative appliances, formulations, and implements. Growing consciousness about having a pleasing smile, oral health, and fresh breath, particularly among the urban consumers, is stimulating the growth of the global electric oral care products market. In recent years, the electric oral care products market has undergonesignificant technological breakthroughs which have resulted in the launch of innovative and high-performance devices. The trend is projected to continue in the near future as well.

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Decline in the price and size of electric battery over the past few years has reduced the price of electric oral care products.Several major players are offering electric oral care products with long battery life at reasonable prices. In most cases,longevity of an electric oral care product is higher than that of its traditional counterpart. Decline in the price and sizeof battery is expected to drive the electric oral care product market in the near future; however,the price of electric care products remains significantly higher than that of the conventional products.Therefore, the global electric oral care products market is anticipated to expand at a moderate pace during the forecast period.

A major restraintofthe global electric oral care products market is the perceived complexity involved in the usage of the products. Traditional oral care products are considered simpler to use as compared to the electric ones.People tend to avoid purchasing electric oral care products as they perceive them as complexand advance function it offers are not needed to take care of oral hygiene.Thus the prevailing perception of electric oral care products is anticipated to limit the growth of market in the near future;however,the mindset of people toward these products is changing gradually.Thus, the growth of the global electric oral care products market is expected to be moderate during the forecast period.

Need for power supply for using the electric oral care products is another key restraint ofthe market. Electric oral care products need to be either connected to a power source while in useor to be rechargedafter a certain interval of time to keep on functioning. If power supply is not available at the time of using the product, or if the battery is discharged, the user needs to wait until the power supply is resumed or the device is recharged. In order to avoid such inconvenience, people choose to keep a traditional alternative to the electric oral care products. Need of uninterrupted power supply is expected to limit the growth of electric oral care products in the near future.

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