Electronic Chemicals Market For Semiconductors & Ic, Pcb And Other Applications Forecast To 2014 – 2020

Electronic Chemical

Demand for electronic chemicals is greatly dependent on factors such as the GDP growth of countries and therefore the high GDP in developing countries, particularly in the Asia Pacific region, has been the key factor fuelling the growth of the electronic chemicals market.

This research study presents a crisp evaluation of the market for electronic chemicals and presents the size of the market in US$ bn and displays the market’s forecast from 2014 to 2020. The report is a compilation of market restraints, market trends, and drivers. The growth opportunities in the market for electronic chemicals are also a part of this study.

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The report compiles and demonstrates the market potential and categorizes the electronic chemicals market by products, applications, and regions.  An extensive evaluation of the strategies of the key stakeholders and the various imperatives in order to gain success in the electronic chemicals market also are a part of this report.

Electronic chemicals are chemicals utilized in making equipment and electronic components. They comprise chemicals in forms such as liquid, solid, and gaseous. There are a number of chemicals utilized in the making of electronic chemicals such as bisphenol, silicon, and fluorine, among others.

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On the basis of product, the electronic chemicals market is segmented into CMP, gases, wafers, photoresists, wet chemicals, and others.  Amongst these, wafers dominate the global market for electronic chemicals and are predicted to maintain their superiority throughout the forecast horizon. The CMP product segment is predicted to be the most swiftly growing segment in the coming six years. The others product segment includes niche segments such as laminates, low-k dielectrics, etc. 

On the basis of application, the electronic chemicals market is segmented into PCB, semiconductors and IC, and others. Amongst these, semiconductors and IC led the market in 2013 and will maintain the lead in the forecast horizon. On the other hand, the PCB application segment is predicted to be the most swiftly developing segment in the forecast horizon.

Key players in the Electronic Chemicals Market

BASF SE, Albemarle Corporation, Huntsman Corporation, Bayer MaterialScience, and The Dow Chemical Company are the prime players operating in the market.

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