Enema Bags – Process of Injection of the Liquid or Gas Medicine Into the Bowel Through the Rectum


Enema is a process of injection of the liquid or gas medicine into the bowel (part of alimentary canal) through the rectum, for expelling out the toxic waste or to inject the medications or to allow x-ray imaging. The enema bags are designed to store the medications for the enema purpose. Enema bags are flexible bags with calibration on it. Enema bags are made using different materials, including silicone, and rubber, among others. The global enema bags market is gaining traction from hospitals, clinical research, diagnostic centres, and others. These bags are flexible and are easy to handle. The demand for enema bags is rising with increasing abdomen, gastro-intestinal, and other diseases.

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Growing preference for enema bags is attributed to the convenience associated with them. Advancement in healthcare treatment methods has resulted in increased consumer expectations regarding safety and hygiene associated with the treatment. Enema bags have paved way for a streamlined process for X-Ray imaging and extraction of toxic waste from patients. Another major advantage associated with enema bags is ease of handling, due to which, a person can receive enema medication at home. As this eliminates the need to visit medical centres and hospitals, enema bags are mostly preferred for children and aged consumers, suffering from constipation and liver problems.

The global enema bags market is expected to grow on the backdrop of the healthcare industry growth, which is registering double digit growth rates, in developing countries. The global enema bags market is likely to be positively influenced by certain factors such as their ability to be handled easily with minimum instructions and easy to use for the medication. Enema bags help in the X-Ray imaging for proper diagnostics. The fluid spreads out to the inner walls of the intestines which helps in taking X-Ray imaging. The global enema bags market is anticipated to grow as the use of enema bags in the process of enema is also rising significantly.

Some of the key players of the global enema bags market are Qingdao Sinoland International Trade Co., Ltd., Medline Industries, Cascade Healthcare Products, Inc., Narang Medical Ltd., Covidien Private Ltd., Flexicare Medical Limited, Farla medical Ltd., Ocean Health Products Ltd., and others.

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