Energy Drinks Harmful for People with Specific Genetic Heart Condition

Energy Drinks Harmful for People with Specific Genetic Heart Condition

A new study from Australia has detected that consumption of energy drinks may have severe repercussions for people with a certain genetic heart condition called as long QT syndrome, wherein heartbeats are irregular. And if you think it is a very specific heart condition that can be inherited from your ancestors, the researchers of this study have estimated that one in every 2,000 persons has long QT syndrome, and energy drinks must be strictly avoided by them.

Energy Drinks Increase Blood Pressure Significantly

The study, done on 24 volunteers who have had a history of improper heart functioning, involved random dosages of two kinds: sample one with two sugar-free energy drinks that contained 160mg of caffeine and 2,000 mg of chemical taurine and another that simply contained juice but no caffeine or taurine. These two chemicals are known to enhance athletic and mental performance, and the volunteers weren’t told what they consumed. Three among those who were dosed with sample one experienced dangerous increase in the rate of heartbeat, and posed cardiovascular risks.

Heart Problems Linked to Energy Drinks Previously Too

This study from Australia simply reiterates what several previous reports had suggested, that energy drinks and weak hearts don’t go hand in hand. As per a 2015 study, consuming even a solitary energy drink can prematurely increase heart-rate even in healthy people, and has caused heart attacks or abnormal heart rhythms even in young people.

Dr. Federica Dagradi and Dr. Peter Schwartz from the Center for Cardiac Arrhythmias of Genetic Origin in Milan, Italy, suggest that several long QT syndrome cases are not detected until after teen years, and hence parents must advice children to avoid energy drinks.

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