Engineers Invent New Chip to Save Energy for Devices Functioning over IoT


Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have invented a power saving chip. This would considerably lessen or completely do away with the need to replace batteries in devices and gadgets running on Internet of Things (IoT). The wake-up receiver wakes up a gadget or a wearable only when needed to do its chores or communicate. It also enables the gadget to remain dormant for the rest of the time. Therefore, it lessens consumption of power.

The technology is to find suitability in applications that do not pass on data continuously. Devices using IoT platforms enable consumers order household items that they are about to run out. Consumers can also order a wearable that that checks the readings over many times a day.

New Chip to Prolong Battery Life of Devices on Internet of Things (IoT)

Patrick Mercier is a professor of computer and electrical engineering at University of California, San Diego. He highlights the problem saying that at present these devices are not aware of the exact time of their synchronization with the network. As such, these devices they also wake up when there is nothing to do, thereby losing power. The battery life of devices could extend from months to years with the introduction of this wake-up receiver.

This wake-up receiver is actually an ultra-low power chip, which constantly waits and searches for a particular radio signal to inform the device about its time to wake up. The process consumes a very negligible amount of power. According to these researchers, the combination of sensitivity, small package size, and nanowatt-level of power consumption has been the best one , so far.

Patrick Mercier and professors of computer engineering, Gabriel Rebeiz and Drew Hall, lead the research team on this subject. Their study has been published on the IEEE Journal of in the in the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits.

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