Enterprise WLAN Market – Segment of IT and Telecommunication Accounts for Significant Demand

Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology, also referred to as Wi-Fi, has been fast evolving to adapt to the highly dynamic market for mobile communication. With rise in practices such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the workplace, it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to provide a safe and secure Wi-Fi network. This has upped the demand for enterprise-grade WLAN security.

The enterprise WLAN market holds out strong promise for players operating in it. Most of the big shots in the market are registering gangbuster profits year after year and seem primed to repeat the feat in the future as well.

With the advent of internet connectivity and growing user base for internet, enterprise wireless local area network (WLAN) market is expected to witness flourishing growth prospect during the forecast period.

Rising internet penetration and growing investment made towards telecommunication network broadens the market prospect for enterprise WLAN market. Consumers spend larger proportion of their income on mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones and others. Though network facility has been greatly developed in the age of 3G, 4G network connection, Wi-Fi become a valid option for most of the organizations, The Wi-Fi is able to provide internet connection with higher speed, and also covers large area. With the help of Wi-Fi, internet facility can be provided in public areas such as restaurants, parks, metro stations and others and this factor drives the enterprise WLAN market during the forecast period.

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There are several disadvantages involved to the enterprise WLAN market. The installation of such system is very expensive and this require skilled personnel for the regular maintenance. Huge expense and frequent change in technology in this sector is a restraining factor for the enterprise WLAN market over the forecast period and this is a hindrance for the market as well.

On the basis of hardware, enterprise WLAN market is segmented into AP antennas, wireless access points, wireless LAN controller, wireless location appliance and multigigabit switching. Wireless LAN controller held the largest market share and this segment is expected to remain its market dominance during the forecast period. This segment is expected to attain considerable market share owing to large number of network operating centres and the segment is able to handle wireless access points. Large number of smartphone users and higher intensity of data usage among varied verticals such as hospitals, restaurants, homes and others facilitate the demand for enterprise WLAN market during the forecast period.

In terms of verticals, enterprise WLAN market is classified into IT and telecommunication, logistics, banking, financial service and insurance (BFSI), municipality and public infrastructure, healthcare, education, retail, transport and other. IT and telecommunication held the largest market share in enterprise WLAN market. This segment utilizes lots of software and hardware to operationalise the transfer of data among varied number of ways.

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This segments large volume of data and installation of enterprise WLAN facilitates the transfer of data in this scenario. This kind of enterprise Wi-Fi actually broadens the scope of data transfer and enhances transmission thus projecting high growth trajectory for the market of enterprise WLAN market during the forecast period.

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