EPA’s Chemical Evaluation Procedure Bearing Fruits

EPA’s Chemical Evaluation Procedure Bearing Fruits

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on June 22, 2017 announced a list of actions implementing its new power to examine the safety of chemicals that are already in use in the U.S. commerce under the newly amended Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA). The actions echoes Congress’ sanction to refresh and expand the EPA’s moribund plan for examining existing chemicals that were already introduced in the U.S. commerce and were on the list of TSCA inventory. This actions are also undertaken to identify and manage risks to civil health and surrounding environment.

The EPA faced unique challenges while selecting, programming and conducting reviews of the existing chemicals because of the vast number of elements in the TSCA inventory and in use. Also, the differing levels of data available also added to the challenge. The EPA thus, created various procedural framework rules to implement its actions. A number of these rules had a deadline of a year and the EPA’s actions follow on through these responsibilities.

EPA’s Framework Procedures for Chemical Substance Review

The EPA has established procedure for:

  • Reporting on which of the 84,000 chemical materials on the current TSCA list of inventory to remain effective in commerce and which chemicals to remain reserved of confidentiality.
  • Recognition and selection of low and high priority chemicals for advanced risk examination.
  • Examining risks associated with the top-priority chemical substances.
  • Identifying conditions ideal for the risk assessment for each of the ten chemical substances already selected for risk assessment.

The EPA has successfully achieved compliance with five one-year deadlines leading for the administration to dedicate more resources for the identification and risk assessment of the chemicals circulating in the market. The one year regulations followed by the EPA are important for its current chemical substance review authority. It will dictate and shape EPA policy for the reviews of chemicals in commerce in coming years.

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