Ericsson and Fortum Join Hands for Efficient Utilization of Energy Supplies

Ericsson and Fortum Join Hands for Efficient Utilization of Energy Supplies

Ericsson, the Scandinavian networking and telecommunication giant, and Fortum, a prominent energy company of Finland, have inked a deal in a bid to bring batteries associated with the power protection systems and the power protection system itself from datacenter of Ericsson at Kirkkonummi to offer assistance in efficient utilization of energy supplies.

Cellular IoT and 5G Technology to be Used

The concept of green energy has been a hot cake in the last few years. In an effort to diminish emissions of CO2, many utilities and consumers are increasingly making use of sources of renewable energy like wind, biomass, and solar. But these utilities come across the difficulty of the maintenance of stability of supply of power from diverse generation and weather-dependent sources. The growing demand for renewable source of energy, management of smart demand and progress in the efficiency and effectiveness of energy has resulted in energy systems that are experiencing a major change worldwide.

To fully make use of green energy, there is a need to smoothen out the peak times of consumption of energy so as to balance out demand and energy supply. This is one of the main reasons as to why the telecommunication giant, Ericsson in Finland, and Fortum, the country’s prominent energy company, have entered into a contract so as to bring out the system of power protection and batteries that are related to it for the datacenter of Ericsson at Kirkkonummi in Finland for the purpose of balancing markets.

Balancing of demand and energy supply can be obtained by making use of the data center batteries of Ericsson. In another word it can be said that the data center of Ericsson becomes the “virtual powerplant” that the Fortum can make an offering of to the grid of Fingrid. Fingrid is the system operator of Finland’s transmission. They will be making use of both cellular 5G and IoT technology that has been developed by Ericsson for this purpose.

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