Ericsson Releases Commercial IoT Network Services

Ericsson Releases Commercial IoT Network Services

The initial phases of commercial Internet of Things concepts and services are being rolled out in key regions across the world, and Ericsson is not a company to be left unnoticed. The technology and networking giant has released its series of IoT network services aimed at complementing its own cellular software for IoT, as well as its IoT Accelerator offerings, with an entire list of network services. These services are aimed at allowing service providers to improve the efficiency at which they can address the operation and deployment of a larger volume of IoT devices and networks through LTE technology.

IoT Tech Likely to Surpass Mobile Tech

According to Peter Laurin, Ericsson’s head of Business Area Managed Services, IoT devices and are likely to take up the top space in networking and communication in the near future, over current mobile technologies. This could happen as early as 2018, a possibility shown through a recent report on mobility by Ericsson, which states that there will be close to 18 bn IoT devices connected by the end of 2022. Such a large scale of uptake in IoT devices needs a different approach in handling network planning, deployment, operations, and designs, to provide capabilities far superior to mobile broadband networks. This would be the best way to utilize IoT as the successor of mobile technologies.

Additional Features to be Released

Ericsson is also planning to launch several other services, including VoLTE support for Cat-M1, which will allow different operators to devise new opportunities in expanding their enterprise based services to other fields.

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