Exercising before Breakfast is Better to Control Diabetes


The importance of exercise in leading a healthy lifestyle is an established fact. As a result, the number of people hitting the gym or picking a physical activity have grown over the years. A major chunk of this group has diabetics. While from the look of it, just exercising is good to control blood sugar levels. But, exercising at the right time can yield better results, finds a new study.

Researchers from University of Bath and Birmingham find out that exercising before breakfast has better results on controlling blood sugar levels. The goal of the researchers was to study the impact of fat stored in the muscles.

Why Exercising before Breakfast is Better?

The researchers say that body utilizes the fat stored in it after fasting overnight. Further, the fat in the body becomes the fuel for exercise, say the researchers. To confirm this pattern, the researchers studied a group of 30 men for six weeks. A part of the group exercised before breakfast and another set of men exercised after it. Further, the control group did not adopt any lifestyle changes.

As a result, they found that the group that exercised before breakfast has better control on blood sugar levels. The results show that the men who exercised before breakfast burned twice the fat than the other group. Further, the researchers feel that they will carry out studies in other groups of people to confirm the pattern including women.

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