Existing Materials Can protect Structures from Wildfires


People living or working in regions prone to wildfire are always under the worry of death. This prompted a few of such people to approach Professor Fumiashi Takahashi to find out if there was a commercial product that protects structures from wildfires. Takahashi, a professor at the Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, has a solution. Though, there are no commercial products in the market.

Technology is Key

Professor Takahashi talks about using existing materials to create a wildfire protection blanket. Further, he says that this blanket can protect the structure for short duration, enough for people to safeguard their lives. Also, this is sufficient for firefighters to manage their rescue operations.

However, the larger question in context remains as the ability to sustain large-scale accidents. For this, professor Takahashi talks about the need for technological advancements. He says that new technology and developments can help create products that can meet these demands. While discussing the possible ideas, professor Takahashi thought of a fire blanket used during World War II. Also, a recent incident where forest officer covered their cabin using forest shelter materials crossed his mind.

On the other hand, while there are several claims about fire-fighting materials, there is no evidence to back them. Hence, to identify the right materials, researchers conducted several experiments. Further, the professor states that the challenge lies in developing technology that helps develop products that can overcome challenges in scaling up. Also, he talks about how communities come together in developing solutions to fight wildfires.

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