Extreme Time on Social Media does not Impact Mental Health, says study

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The vast amount of time spent on social networking sites is related to increasing depression among teenagers, says research. The average amount of time teenagers spend on social media is 2.6 hours each day. This amounts to 62.5 percent rise since 2012.

 Conversely, a new research does not relate time spent on social media with depression or anxiety in teenagers. Prior to this, researchers spent eight years to understand if there was a relation between anxiety and depression and time spent on social media among teenagers. The study involved to understand if increasing social media time resulted in higher degree of depression among teenagers and vice-versa.

 According to findings of the study, mental health is related to multiple factors. There is no one factor that can cause anxiety or depression among teenagers. Having said that, amount of time spent on social networks is not the only cause of increasing depression and anxiety among teenagers.

 That said two teenagers spending equal amount of time on social media may have immensely distinct behavior. This is due to the purpose the two teenagers may be using social networking sites.

 Study aims for Alternate Opinion in Screen Time Debate

 The aim of the study is to make individuals have alternate opinion in the screen time debate. Further, the study aims to make individuals examine the content and context surrounding use of social media.

 The conclusion of the study is based on a survey to understand teenagers’ mental health with their social media use. This involved studying behavior of 500 teenagers between the age of 13 and 20 years who answered a questionnaire once every year for eight years.

 The measure of social media use involved asking participants of their average time spent on social media sites on a typical day. The measure of anxiety and depression involved participants to respond to questions. Participants responded on different scales for indication of anxiety levels and depressive symptoms.

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