Eye Care Product Market: Analysis of Major Competitors and their Strategies

Human eyes are one of the sensitive organs of the human body. Eyes need as much care as the skin. Proper eye care not only prevents the threat of potential eye disease but also enhances the overall facial appearance. Changing lifestyle, pollution, and prolonged exposure to digital devices such as tablets, mobiles, and TV and computer screens negatively affect the eyes, causing eye strain, dryness of eyes, and are also estimated to affect the vision. Eye strain results into fatigue, headache, and is likely to hamper an individual’s productivity. Hence, proper measures need to be taken to maintain eye health.

The eyes play an important role in perceiving the surrounding world. They also help communicate the feelings and thoughts of an individual. Healthy eyes enhance the overall appearance and also lead to an improvement in the overall health state. The blood vessels in the human body can be viewed in their natural state only in the eyes, which helps optometrists to detect signs of high cholesterol, diabetes, liver diseases, brain tumor, and blood vessel disease in an individual.

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As the human body ages, it is unable to retain moisture. This leads to dryness of eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes, leaving a tired look on the face. There are various eye care products available in the market, which aid in maintaining the moisture, eliminate dark circles, and tighten the skin around the eyes, leading to healthier eyes.

The application of eye care creams helps improve lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, and uneven skin tone around the eyes and leaves a fresh, vibrant, and youthful look, thereby improving the overall appearance of the face. The usage of eye serums helps eliminate dark circles and improves the area around the eyes by making it appear plumper and bright. Furthermore, the usage of contact lenses and spectacles with UV light filter helps protect the eyes by filtering harmful radiations.

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Changing lifestyle and rising health consciousness among the general population are said to be key drivers of the eye care product market. Other factors such as prolonged exposure to digital devices, pollution leading to rising incidences of eye disorders, and technological advancements in the healthcare industry are expected to fuel the eye care product market. Moreover, most eye care products are available online, leading to the easy availability of vast range of eye care products, due to the expansion of the online market place. This, in turn, is anticipated to propel the market. However, the availability of counterfeit products is projected to hamper the eye care product market. Nevertheless, the rise in awareness pertaining to the eye health among the individuals is anticipated to positively impact the eye care product market.

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