Facebook to Make an Appeal for Fine from UK Watchdog


Facebook has made an appeal a fine of around £500,000 ($639,255.40) from the U.K.’s privacy watchdog, who has made a claim that the company has failed in the protection of the privacy of at least one million users in the U.K., states the Financial Times.

The appeal that has been made by Facebook is stated on the fact that the office of the Information Commissioner in the U.K. has discovered no evidence as such regarding the British data that was shared with the Cambridge Analytica. The company at the center of the data center that also rocked the company in the first few months of the year. In addition to this, the Financial Times have stated that the Cambridge was found to have use the data of Facebook in order to target the users in the U.S. with the political advertising so as to sway the presidential election in the year 2016.

Anna Benckert, the Vice President and the Associate General Counsel in Europe and the Middle East and Africa said that the conclusion in the appeal states that the core of the ICO’s argument is no longer related to the events that involve the Cambridge Analytica. On the contrary, their reasonings have challenged most of the basic principles of how the users should be permitted to share the information and other important data online, along with the implications that may go far beyond Facebook. This is the main reason why the company has decided to make an appeal. Furthermore, the ICO spokesperson has said that the office has not yet been informed concerning the Tribunal has received an appeal.

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