Filling and Capping Monoblock Market – Industry Analysis, Growth and New Market Opportunities Explored


Filling and capping is the most vital process for the production of end products in the food, beverages, healthcare, cosmetics, and chemical industry. The filling and capping process is simplified by the automated operation performed by the filling and capping monoblocks. The filling and capping monoblock is the PLC operated machine which performs both of the operations simultaneously one after another. Both filling and capping machine components are engraved on a single machine to ease the production process. The monoblock can handle both plastic and glass bottles of different shapes and sizes.

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The compact monoblock machine delivers easy integration of existing packaging lines and enhances the production output. The automated system allows quick and easy cleaning operation to inaccessible places. The monoblock machine is made such that, it avoids any direct human contact with the liquid which is being filled in the bottles. The machines available in the market are capable of filling and capping around 60 to 300 or more bottles per minute. The machine could be equipped with insertion system for custom caps or pumps fitments. It is the most cost-effective and time-saving technology for any company because it eliminates the need for installing filling and capping lines separately.

The demand for the filling and capping monoblocks are fuelled by the increasing need for single unit cost-effective technology for filling and capping process during the production of end products in various industries. The manufacturers are opting for the elimination of the conventional filling and capping process and switching to new and highly automated filling and capping monoblocks to increase production lead times. Another major factor that drives the filling and capping monoblocks market is the need for high-end packaging machinery that imparts quantitative accuracy during the filling process.

The latest trend observed in the filling and capping monoblocks market is the increased usage of these machines in the pharmaceutical industry for filling and capping process of the vials and ampoules. The low penetration of the automatic filling and capping machines globally creates the enormous opportunities for the filling and capping monoblocks market in the near future. The revenue generated by the trade of filling and capping machines is expected to increase two-three folds by the end of next decade. The major restraint in the filling and capping monoblocks market is the high cost of machinery and unavailability of skilled technicians which may obstruct its growth rate in the coming years.

Some of the key players in the global filling and capping monoblock market are Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation, Clearpack Group, Zima Pack LLC, Pacific Packaging Machinery Inc., M.A.R. S.p.A. Macchine Automatiche Riempitrici, ŠRAML d.o.o., Barry-Wehmiller Group, Inc., Accutek Packaging Equipment Companies, Inc., ESS Technologies Inc., Capmatic Ltd., Tenco srl, IMACO GROUP, Rejves S.r.l., Karmelle Liquid Filling & Capping Solutions Limited.

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