First Advanced O-R3 Drone Car Soon to Arrive in Dubai

First Advanced O-R3 Drone Car Soon to Arrive in Dubai

The Dubai Police General has revealed that the first autonomous police car is about to hit in the market, by the end of 2017. The O-R3 drone would become the latest member in police force. This development would make Dubai as the world’s first city for using patrol every single day through purchasing the drone. The drone has been considered as the biggest outdoor security robot in the world by Singapore based OTSAW Digital manufacturer, which will provide protection for 24/7.  This is agreed by Dubai police that the usage and popularity of this robotic fleet would make up to 25% of the patrolling by 2030.

Some Benefits Are Accounted for Using an Autonomous Police Car

The vehicle is manufactured in such a way that when the battery is drained out, it can automatically return to the charging station. A wide range of data can be captured by its camera and the car is also equipped with many advanced laser scanners, ultrasonic sensors, smartest GPS and IMU. The alerts generated by this vehicle would surely help the police force to reach that crime spot immediately.

The O-R3 can also be over-ridden by the security personnel. It is also beneficial for monitoring environmental factors and to detect breaches in perimeter. Dubai would be considered as the smartest city in the world by launching this super technology in the market. This vehicle would be the first step towards the future invention of driverless cars, although OTSAW has reassured that the robotic car is not going to replace humans. A high value responsibility would be achieved by using O-R3, which will elevate all routine tasks and expand security across the streets.

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