Flavored Powdered Drinks Market: Clear Understanding of the Competitive Landscape and Key Product Segments

Flavored powder drinks are also known as processed beverage products available in powdered form which contains chocolate, fruit, instant mix and other beverage mixes. Such powders are used to make several kinds of beverages such energy drinks, fruit flavored drinks and flavored milk beverages. Such powders are soluble both in water and milk.  Water based drinks usually comprise of energy drinks, fruit mixed drinks, flavor based soft drinks and various others. Milk based drinks comprise of cappuccino mixes, milk drinks, protein shakes and chocolate drinks that are usually served hot or cold depending on the need and preference of the consumer. The channel network for such products is wide, which is a major factor pushing the growth of the market.

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Health benefits associated with the consumption of such products is one of the key factors aiding in the growth of the market at present. Flavored powdered drinks contain essential ingredients such as proteins, high-quality fats, and carbohydrates to provide with energy. Carbohydrates are essential for proper functioning of the brain, heart, kidneys and the central nervous system. High proportion of vitamins and minerals that boost energy even in small servings is another factor urging the population towards the consumption of such products.

Further, such drinks are fairly popular among the young generation, working population and sportspersons which comprise of a majority of the population, which is another major factor pushing the demand for such products. Further, on account of rising health issues, consumers have shown preference toward such products in order to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The working population is a lucrative target market for flavored powdered drinks as such products are essential for the working population to cope with the hectic schedule.

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Additionally, transition in the lifestyle of the consumers in terms of feeding habits, especially in the developing regions is another major factor pushing the demand for this market. This is backed by the increasing disposable income of the consumers. Heavy marketing and promotional activities undertaken by the leading player and advertising of such products through channels such as television and print media among others, coupled with celebrity endorsements are some of the other factors pushing the growth of this market.

However, weak economic condition in the underdeveloped countries poses a major threat to growth of the market by pulling back the same. Low exposure to such products and the benefits offered by is one of the major factors for the low market growth in the under developed regions. Economic instability in the underdeveloped regions is another major factor hindering the growth of this market to a great extent. However, the impact of this restraint is expected to minimize by the end of the forecast period.

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