Flax Milk Market Predicted to Witness Steady Growth During 2017 – 2025


Flax milk is a plant-based milk alternative to milk from mammals, it is often termed as milk substitute or milk alternative. Flax milk is easily prepared by blending flax seeds in water which then yields a creamy nutty substance. Flax milk is used for direct consumption as plain or flavored drinking milk as well as a substitute of milk beverages such as tea and coffee. This milk alternative has gained popularity due to its high fiber content and has become popular among consumers looking to lose weight.

Flax milk market is often advocated for antioxidant properties which are claimed to help relieve stress and hormonal distress. Flax is also a good source of Omega-3 and contains 1,200mg/250ml of omega-3, which is essential for the healthy heart. The reasons for switching from conventional dairy to milk alternative such as flax milk can vary from veganism growth to consumers concerned about their health. Moreover, it is claimed that flax milk has several skin benefits such as skin rejuvenation. These factors are synergistic to the market growth of flax seed milk market expected to witness the significant rise.

Milk alternative has a rising acceptance not only among vegans but also among health-conscious consumers. Of this larger segment Flax milk is available in various product categories such as flavored, plain and flavored unsweetened. Flax milk market is segmented on the basis of a type as; plane and flavored, where vanilla and chocolate flavors are some of the key flavors in Flax milk.Based on distribution channel Flax milk market is segmented as, hypermarkets/supermarkets, online stores, convenience stores and other retail formats. Sales from supermarkets in Europe has witnessed growth in recent years, this is due to the private label brands leading the sales in the majority of the region.

The use of flax has a historical significance in the U.S. and Europe where flax was used for vegetable-based cloth until the 19thcentury. Western Europe and North America among one of the most attractive markets for milk alternatives including flax seed, which is backed by the highest growth in demand for organic and healthy food trends. People in these regions have started making their own flax milk at home, however, the convenience of packed flax milk has propelled the consumption of flax milk.

According to Google trends, countries such as Australia, New-Zealand, Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. have reported highest searches for vegan food. Similarly dairy free, flax milk, soy milk, almond milk searches have shown a high interest from people in the same countries.

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Flax milk products have been introduced by the manufacturers in both flavored and unflavored product categories and a demand surplus has also been noticed in the sales of these products although most of the products are sold under private label some of the global market players participating in flax milk market include; Good Karma Foods, Inc., GoBeyond Foods.

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