Flexible Membrane from Wood Generates Energy from Body Heat

Flexible Membrane from Wood Generates Energy from Body Heat

Scientists have made a flexible membrane from a wooden piece. This produces electrical energy same as that runs in a human body. Charged channel walls produce this energy, with specific properties of natural nanostructures of wood. University of Maryland, US conducted the research.

Owing to the advancement in technology, scientists succeeded in producing voltage effectively using minute temperature difference.

Trees have channels to circulate water to the leaves and the roots. Besides, even smaller channels that are merely a few nanometers or less are responsible for these bigger channels. Natural Material journal published the report.

Scientist experimented with basswood for the research. It grows rapidly, with minimal environment impact. Lignin and Hemicellulose are resultant products of wood treatment. Further, lignin helps turning wood brown, and gives strength. Also, hemicellulose, winds itself around layers of cells, which bind them as one

This provides improved flexibility to the remaining cellulose. Further, the process even transforms cellulose form type I to type II – a source to improve ion conductivity.

Charged Walls Help Regulating Flow of Ions

Scientists created a flexible membrane from thin wooden slice which is covered with platinum electrode on edges.  Sodium-based electrolyte infiltrates the electrolyte. It regulates the flow ion in small channels and produce electrical signals.

Tian Li, the author of the study stated, charged walls, which appear on nanofibers, create an electrical field. It also helps in regulating ion movement efficiently, along with a thermal gradient. Sodium ions from the electrolyte are placed in channels. This is due to crystal structure of cellulose, along with dissociation of functional groups.

This is a first of its kind research that present such membrane, along with improved arrays of the aligned cellulose.  Moreover, High end ion membrane selection uses this study.

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