Flip Chip Technology Market is driven by Computing and Consumer Applications

The flip chip technology  market is presently experiencing a high growth due to the advancement in copper pillar and micro bumping metallurgy and its extended use in consumer electronics products and mobile phones. The most advanced packaging technologies are being served by new bumping solutions thus in turn flip chip technology is able to adapt to meet new challenges. Because of its increased performance capabilities flip chip technology has become a widely accepted technology in mid-range and high-range applications. Increasing demand for mobile-wireless, computing and consumer applications is driving the market for the flip chip technology market.

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To obtain the integration  of diverse chips 2.5D IC packaging technology and 3D IC packaging technology are becoming the typical trend these days. Consumer electronics market holds the largest market share for flip chip technology market and it is expected to grow at highest rate. Flip chip technology market is further driven by its application in automotive market and it is expected to grow at higher CAGR rate. Demand for raw materials has been significantly increased by the manufacturers producing new technologies for bumping process. This leads to the aggressive growth in this business among the raw material market players.

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