Food Coloring Agents May Harm Kid’s Health

Food Coloring Agents

Food Coloring Agents and Chemicals used for coloring foods are extensively used in the food and beverages industry, and most people are oblivious to their negative effects. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) pointed to the pressing need to stop the usage of chemicals for coloring food, on the pretext that it could have adverse effects on the health of children. The academy further expounded that there is a dire need to bring about key reforms to the regulatory framework of the US food additives process. It explained that certain chemicals could severe affect the health of kids and it is best to avoid Food Coloring Agents usage in foods.

Root of the Problem

Food additives are responsible for causing hormonal imbalances in children which in turn leads to poor growth and development. Chemicals used for coloring foods are also believed to be a major contributor to child obesity. Approximately, 10,000 types of food additives are allowed to be used in the US, out of which 1000 go without being approved by the Food and Drug Administation (FDA) in the US. The team of pediatricians stated that the prolonged usage of chemicals in foods has created lags in understanding the health effects of such chemicals.

Types of Additives

While most additives are directly mixed with the food, others are transferred to the food through plastic packaging and coating. Some of the additives identified as “most harmful” for the health of kids include Bisphenols, Perchlorate, Phthalates, Nitrates or Nitrites, and Perfluoroalkyl Chemicals. The academy stated that children are usually at a greater risk of being affected by these chemicals due to the higher sensitivity of the former.

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