Food Wrap Film – Prevent Food Spilling and Leakage : Industry Trends and Forecast by 2023

Food Wrap Film - Prevent Food Spilling and Leakage : Industry Trends and Forecast by 2023

Food packaging plays an important role in keeping the food quality safe while handling and transportation. Food wrapping film is one of the most commonly available and preferred solution for food packaging. It is referred to by various names, such as saran wrap, plastic film and cling film.

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These films are mostly used to seal food items inside the container, in order to keep them fresh for a longer period. It protects the food products from contamination caused by microorganisms, air, and moisture, and helps prevent food spilling and leakage.

Evolving life style of consumers, increasing health and environmental awareness, and supportive environmental policies implemented by various governments across the globe are the major factors responsible for the increasing global demand for food wrap films and, thereby, their market growth.

Stretch film is expected to offer great stability to products during shipping. Applicable either by machine or hand, it could be stretched up to a 200-300% for efficient usage. One of the best properties of such films is that they could return to their original size, which is anticipated to make a secure and tight load for shipping. Stretch film could be engaged for improving the material handling of a load within a factory while providing protection from pilferage, dust, and moisture.

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