Forbes’ 2016 Hottest U.S. City, Cleveland Catapults with Offshore Wind

Forbes’ 2016 Hottest U.S. City, Cleveland Catapults with Offshore Wind

Cleveland, America’s hottest city yet? Besides leveraging its heritage of innovation, entrepreneurship, and industrialization to create future jobs, it has drawn the brightest and best of millennials. Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. (LEEDCo) has helped the city to become a national center for the wind resource industry by taking the lead. In 2019, Project Icebreaker has been anticipated to start construction 8-10 miles offshore of the Port of Cleveland with 6 Vestas 3.45 MW turbines. This project could contribute a US$168.0 mn to the local economy and create around 500 jobs while the construction is underway.

With an 18 m suction bucket consisting of a 4.5 m shaft developing from the lid, the Mono Bucket anchors the giant Vestas turbines to the lakebed. This groundbreaking technology will eradicate the characteristic pile driving linked with offshore foundations via a simple suction technique.

Will Cleveland Seize Offshore Wind Opportunity?

Roofing an estimated 95,000 jobs and US$16.0 bn annual offshore wind investment, the “Cleveland Blue Sky” has already been a reality in Europe. Building the first U.S. project in November 2016, the miniscule Rhode Island has played its part in creating a whole lot of excitement for numerous European Fortune 200 businesses along the East Coast. Today, these businesses are pressing hard for gaining access into the ‘not yet developed’ markets of Europe.

Clearly, the offshore wind business seems to have come back to the U.S. However, it is up to Cleveland to cleave to this opportunity. LEEDCo has been expected to bring this vision into a reality with Icebreaker being great enough to achieve treasured technical insight and compact enough to have no significant impact on the environment.

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