Gallium Nitride Devices and Substrate Wafer Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025

Gallium Nitride is an upcoming alternate material to pure silicon in the field of electronics and semiconductors. Gallium Nitride is quickly replacing the existing silicon technology and becoming the most of the power semiconductor applications. Several advanced properties of gallium nitride proved useful for semiconductors such as intensity high-brightness emission when used in opto-semiconductors. Superior high frequency handling capacity, high power efficiency and flexibility are implemented in opto-semiconductors alongside various substrates such as SiC, sapphire, Si were discovered. The silicon materials which have hit maturity can be perfectly replaced by Gallium Nitride semiconductors. Gallium Nitride devices and wafers have low sensitivity to better stability in radiation environments and ionizing radiation. From sales perspective GaN has huge revenue potential in the transportation and automotive sector, mainly in the hybrid electric vehicles & electric vehicle segment of the automotive sector. These devices have scope in satellites, solar cell arrays, and high-end power appliances in the Defense & Aerospace and Military sector.

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The Gallium Nitride semiconductor devices and Subset Wafer market is primarily growing due to the penetration into the medium-voltage power electronics segment and applications across all the end user verticals i.e. consumer and enterprise, industrial, and automotive industry. Gallium nitride LEDs are widely used in notebook display, laptop, mobile display, televisions and monitor, signs and large displays, projectors etc. Gallium nitride based LEDs are also used in car interior lighting, headlights and signal lights, fog lights, dome lights and stop lights.

The factors which are responsible to drive the Gallium Nitride Devices (Discrete & IC) and Substrate Wafer Market are their superior features such as high breakdown voltage, minimum power loss, high-speed switching miniaturization, and as compared with the existing silicon-based devices. The advanced properties of GaN such as high break-down voltage, larger critical electric field, wider band gap and higher thermal conductivity let the GaN devices operate at high switching frequencies, handle higher power density,  higher voltages, and offers more power efficiency than the Si devices. They have been focusing on replacing their Si counterparts in various RF power devices, particularly in the RF communication applications over the past few years.

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The market can be segmented on the basis of application, wafer size, device type, end user/ industry vertical and geography. On the basis of application it can be segmented into power drivers, Supply and Inverter, Lighting and Laser and Radio Frequency. By wafer size it can be segmented as 2 Inch, 4 Inch, 6 Inch and above. By device type this marked has been segmented into RF Semiconductor, Opto Semiconductor and Power semiconductor. Industry vertical of this market can be bifurcated into Medical, Consumer and Enterprise, Military, Defense and Aerospace, Industrial, Renewable and Automotive. The geographical diversification of the global Gallium Nitride Devices (Discrete & IC) and Substrate Wafer Market includes North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America. APAC (excluding Japan) holds the largest share in global Gallium Nitride Devices (Discrete & IC) and Substrate Wafer Market among all the regions. Due to huge market potential, increasing focus of the semiconductor industry and strengthening and diversifying value chain segments in the upcoming markets such as Taiwan, South Korea and China, the revenue share from APAC (excluding Japan) is expected to grow at a decent rate. Europe and North America are the primary establishment base for North America and Europe are the primary establishment base markets for global Gallium Nitride semiconductors.

Some of the significant players involved in global Gallium Nitride Devices (Discrete & IC) and Substrate Wafer Market include Azzurro Semiconductors, Cree, Fujitsu, Aixtron, International Quantum Epitaxy (IQE), Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, Koninklijke Philips, Mitsubishi Chemical, Toshiba, Texas Instruments, RF Micro Devices, Epigan. The report provides an in-depth analysis about the strategic business activities along with the market dynamics shaping the global Gallium Nitride Devices (Discrete & IC) and Substrate Wafer Market over the period of study.

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