Gasification Market Analysis and Forecast up to 2026

Gasification Market: Overview

Gasification is a thermochemical process that converts hydrocarbons such as coal, biomass, natural gas, petroleum, and petcoke into simple molecules known as syngas through partial oxidation with oxygen and air. Gasification is an ideal alternative for clean energy. Hence, it is increasingly being adopted in several industries such as chemicals, oil & gas, and power. There were around 1,099 gasification projects with nearly 2,866 gasifiers in 2016. This number is anticipated to increase further during the forecast period.

Gasification Market: Trends & Demands

Rise in demand for clean and efficient energy generation technology among residential and industrial applications is driving the global gasification market. Availability of abundant deposits of coal is also fueling the global gasification market. Furthermore, rise in adoption of underground coal gasification (UCG) process is projected to create lucrative opportunities for the global gasification market. However, increase in power generation through biofuels and high cost associated with gasification are estimated to hamper the global gasification market.

Gasification Market: Key Segments

The global gasification market can be segmented based on gasifier type, technology, application, and region. In terms of gasifier type, the global gasification market can be divided into fixed bed gasifiers, fluidized bed gasifiers, entrained flow gasifiers, and others. The entrained flow gasifiers segment dominates the global gasification market. Entrained flow gasifiers have the ability to handle almost any coal feedstock and produce clean, tar-free syngas. These types of gasifiers are also environmentally more benign, and glassy slag is inert and easily disposed. The fixed bed gasifiers segment is projected to expand significantly during the forecast period.

Based on feedstock, the global gasification market can be segregated into biomass/waste, coal, natural gas, and petroleum. Petroleum and coal are regularly used gasification processes for industrial applications. Waste material used for gasification includes refuse-derived fuel, wood chips and pellets, municipal solid waste, industrial and agricultural waste, dry grass, corn stover, and sewage sludge.

Based on application, the gasification market can be classified into chemicals, liquid fuels, power, and gas fuels. The power segment dominates the global gasification market. It is expected to expand at a faster pace than other segments during the forecast period. Growth of the power segment can be primarily ascribed to the increase in demand for energy in industrial as well as household applications. The power segment is followed by liquid fuels and gas fuels segments.

Gasification Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of region, the global gasification market can be split into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is anticipated to lead the global gasification market primarily due to the rise in application of gasification in end-use industries. The global gasification market in the region is anticipated to expand at a rapid pace during forecast period. China, Japan, India, and Indonesia are the key countries of the gasification market in Asia Pacific. China produces more than 90% of its ammonia through coal gasification process, led by the large availability of inexpensive coal in the country. The global gasification market in Europe is estimated to expand at a substantial pace during the forecast period. Many countries in Europe are dependent on other regions for natural gas. Demand for natural gas is projected to increase in Europe in the near future. This, in turn, is likely to boost the implementation of gasification projects in the region. Rise in demand for biomass gasification is also augmenting the global gasification market in Europe.

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Gasification Market: Key Players

Major companies operating in the global gasification market include Royal Dutch Shell, General Electric, Air Liquide, SEDIN Engineering Company Limited, Sierra Energy, Dakota Gasification Company, PRM Energy Systems Inc., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Siemens AG, Thyssenkrupp AG, and Synthesis Energy Systems Inc.

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