Germany Ups its Wind Energy Game through More Number of Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

Several countries including the Scandinavian countries such as Norway and Sweden have enhanced their renewable energy sector through the use of wind turbines and other sources of renewable power. The next country expected to bring about a revolutionary change in its power sector through the use of wind turbines in Germany. The German government revealed that wind power, along with the energy gained from solar, biomass, and hydropower, is projected to make up for 65% of the total electricity in the country by 2030. Furthermore, one of the professors at the University of Freiburg also expounded that 40% of the total electricity needs in Germany could be met through wind energy alone by 2030.

 Three-Dimensional Wind Energy Model

A team of researchers in Germany have come up with a three-dimensional model that would help in deciding the fate of the wind energy sector in the country. According to this model, if Germany continues with the installation of wind power plants at the same pace as it had in 2017, the aforementioned estimations would hold true in the future. A Journal named Energy Conversion and Management published the estimations and findings of the researchers.

Estimations and Projections

The aim of the researchers was to maximize the efficiency of the wind energy sector. The researchers explained that the upgrading of obsolete wind power plants results in an increase in the energy production capacity of the wind energy sector. The research study explains that meeting the projections requires installation of 6000 new wind energy plants and renewal of existing 30,000 plants.

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