Glamour Mailers: Cost-effective and a Great Source of Gift Packaging


Promotion and branding of different products is one of the major factors that is driving the growth of glamour mailers market. Manufacturers of consumer products are focusing to promote their brand logos due to which the demand of glamour mailers market is increasing. There are various application for the glamour mailers like gift wrapping, spare parts, circuit boards, drugs and vitamins which is driving the demand of the global glamour mailers market. Overall global glamour mailers market is expected to expand at a high compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period. Glamour mailers are light in weight which provides the opportunity to down the cost of transportation when shipping the bulk amount of packages in the logistics industry.

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Glamour mailers are cost-effective and a great source of gift packaging. Promotions, presentation, marketing, and branding are commonly done by glamour mailers. Consumers mainly prefer glamour mailers for wrapping purpose. Glamour mailers are used for the commercial and domestic purpose for wrapping purpose and is rapidly high in demand. Glamour mailers are ideal for bringing attention to marketing materials, product shipments and more.

Glamour mailers are available in various colors gold, silver, pink, blue and black. Glamour mailer has wide range of applications in gift and wrapping. Glamour mailers are being used to wrap gift items. Glamour mailers has the wide range of application in the promotions of the marketing logos of famous brands. Due to its shininess consumers are likely to be attracted towards it which is the positive point for the manufacturers to do the promotions of their respective companies. Glamour mailers are designed for mailing clothing and other soft goods, documents and plastic parts. These mailers can be used on transparent or colored wrapping papers for wrapping gifts. In addition to this Glamour mailers also provide security as it has insulated cushioning which provides protection to the delicate objects.

Glamour mailers are cost effective due to which plenty of manufacturers used to preferred glamour mailers. These mailers are water resistance and cushioning is the important property provided by the Glamour mailers. Marketing is the main source provided by the glamour mailers due to which the manufacturers are focusing on the promotions of companies due to which the demand and glamour mailers are increasing. These mailers are various shapes and sizes which provide the facility to the consumers to use it according to their needs.

North America is expected to dominate the overall market of the global Glamour Mailers Market. This is due to dominating the market of the e-commerce and the retail sector. France, Germany, and the UK are the major contributors in the Western Europe. China is driving APEJ global Glamour Mailers Market. Western Europe is expected to stand the second place by Glamour Mailers Market.

Some of the players operating in the global Glamour Mailers Market packaging market are –  7 PAC Worldwide, Inc. and Post Sale.

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