Graphic Add-in Board Market: End Users, Region, Growth Rate and Sales

Graphic add-in boards (AIB) help to enhance memory, graphics, and communication in desktop computers and other electronic instruments. They produce good quality pictures because of discreet graphic chips and tremendous memory. Graphic add-in boards (AIB) are sold directly to consumers and are typically used in workstations, servers, and factories.

The demand for graphic add-in boards (AIB) has risen because of their use in supercomputers, remote workstations and simulators. The first two find use in scientific and technical applications, namely aerospace, defense, and research and development. Their demand is expected to soar because of the various kinds of gaming with 3D image on desktops.

The rise and popularity of tablets, laptops, and smartphones, on the other hand are posing a major challenge to the market for graphic add-in boards (AIB).

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North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa are some of the key regions in the global market for graphic add-in boards (AIB) and North America of them, leads the market with significant share. This is primarily on account of the major spends on the defense and aerospace and scientific research in the region which generates a lot of demand. In terms of growth, on the other hand, Asia Pacific, it expected to outshine all other regions on account of the burgeoning consumer electronics market in the region. Europe is another key market where investors are pouring in money.

s3 Group, Nvidia Company, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), and Matrox are some of the key players in the market that are constantly strategizing to grow their shares further.

Graphic add-in boards (AIB) are used in desktop computers, and other scientific instruments to augment graphics, memory and communication capabilities. These devices generate output image with good picture quality. Graphic AIBs use discreet graphic chips and high speed memory that improves its performance for producing good quality image and this is expected to increase the market share in the age of 2 dimension (2D) and 3 dimension (3D) images. These devices have been directly sold to customers and are installed in servers, workstations and factories.

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Video cards are often referred to as graphic AIB and graphic AIB market possesses consolidated market structure. This kind of market structure helps existing firms to have larger capital base and this induces these large firms to invest on graphic AIB market. Growing market share of electronics goods and huge investment attract television manufacturers to come up with innovative televisions with improved visual image quality. These televisions offer wide formats, and improved screen resolution which is appropriate for different types of game. These features are expected to broaden the market scope for gaming monitors and is also likely to drive the global market for graphic AIB. Moreover, larger number of personal computer manufacturers produce and sell graphic AIB as inbuilt system. Many graphic AIB producers sell motherboards also. This kind of horizontal and vertical integration helps to expand the market for graphic AIB as well.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are increasingly replacing the market for personal computers. Hence, gaming service in smartphones, tablets and laptops are in growing demand and this is expected to reduce demand for gaming service in monitor based devices such as personal computers. Hence, this is expected to reduce demand for graphic AIB which are mostly use in desktop computers.

Graphic AIB is in growing demand as this has been extensively used as an important component in personal computer. The extent of market gradually increases as graphic AIB are used in supercomputers, simulators and remote workstations as well. Supercomputers and remote workstations are used in scientific and technical applications such as defense, aerospace, and research and development among others. As large number of countries increase their investment on scientific research, the market for graphic AIB is likely to expand exponentially during the forecast period.

Graphic AIB market is segmented on the basis of end users and the segments are desktop computers, notebook, workstations, servers and others. The market for graphic AIB is likely to witness steep growth rate for desktop computers. Different types of gaming service with 3D image is in growing demand and this is likely to boost the market as well. Moreover, accelerating demand for desktop computers is expected to trigger the growth opportunity of this market. Workstations and others that includes scientific instruments are expected to hold significant market share for graphic AIB market. Increasing application of graphic AIB in workstations and scientific instruments are projected to expand the market as well.

The market for graphic AIB is segmented on the basis of regions as well and the regional segments are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Latin America. North America holds the largest market share in global graphic AIB market. Due to increasing investment in scientific research, defense and aerospace, North America is likely to pose highest demand for graphic AIB market. Asia Pacific is likely to be the fastest growing region in this market as there is increasing share of consumer electronics and rising investment in scientific research and development. Europe is also not lagged behind in this market.

Some of the key market players of this market are s3 Group, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Nvidia company, and Matrox company among others.

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