Hair Follicles can Contain Cancer Cells, Says the New Study

Hair Follicles

According to a recent study, the skin cancer cell can develop in the hair follicles. This study states that some of the deadliest skin cancer can initiate in the stem cells responsible for hair growth. It is there where immature pigment making cell develops into cancer cells and spread across the body. Previous studies state that skin cancer may occur due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. However, even if the sufferer is not exposed to UV radiation, his/her normal-looking follicles can result in the development of cancer cells. 

How Researchers Deduced the Results?


To derive the results, the researchers conducted experiments on genetically engineered mice. The study shows that unlike normal follicles, the cancerous cells grow in the hair follicles. Following which migrate up and out to the surface of the skin. It is here that they affect the nearby skin cells and spread cancer.

According to Mayumi Ito Suzuki, by confirming that oncogenic pigment cells are bonafide melanoma. By understanding this, the researchers can get aware of the biology of this type of cancer and help them to develop new drugs for the treatment. 

What do Results Reveal?


During the course of the study, the results revealed that the like normal human cells, skin cancer cells in hair follicles start as a single cell and start multiplying over the duration of time. However, what astonishes the researchers is the development of these cancer cells as a single cell during the period. As a child, the skin is soft and fragile and can be treated easily. Complications arise when the conditions come forth in adulthood. This is because the skin till this time has matured and it gets difficult to distinguish normal cells from the cancer cells.

There are several procedures that are under the process that can cure this disease. The study can surely help businesses that are developing drugs and therapeutics.

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