High Number of Potential Pumped Hydro Storage Sites to Support Use of Renewable Energy Extensively

Pumped Hydro Storage

With the help of Australia Indonesia Centre, it has been observed that there are around 657 potential sites in Bali for pumped hydro storage, along with a combination of potential storage capacity of 2,300 gigawatts per hour. The pumped hydro storage is an innovative technique that have been designed to store energy produced by electricity generation. Making use of electricity generated from renewable energy, including wind and solar power, the potential sites for pumped hydro storage in Bali, is expected to support 100% renewable electricity grid in Indonesia. Wind and photovoltaics are considered as leading electricity generation technologies and are being installed across the globe every year. Coal and gas are in the third and fourth positions respectively.

Photovoltaics to Emerge as the Most Used Technique in Indonesia

Among these, the photovoltaics is expected to witness high growth, owing to its high adoption as its scalable, cheaper, and produces no greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to this, the high availability of sunshine at free of cost is another major factor encouraging the growth of this segment in the next few years. Indonesia has extensive solar potential owing to its tropical location. For this project, around less than 1% of the land in Indonesia will be required for the production of all the country’s electricity using photovoltaics. Around half of the panels are expected to be installed on the roofs of the buildings. As of now, Indonesia has very less photovoltaics; however, the change is expected to happen soon, similarly like it had happened in China, Australia, and many other nations

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